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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A study of metal-cement composites with additivesMironovs, Viktors; Pundienė, Ina; Tatarinov, Alexey; Baroninsh, Janis
2006Carbonation of Alumina Cemen-bonded Conventional Refractory Castable in FireplacePundienė, Ina; Goberis, Stasys Algimantas; Antonovič, Valentin; Stonys, Rimvydas
2015Effect of limestone particles on rheological properties and hardening process of plasticized cement pastesŽvironaitė, Jadvyga; Kligys, Modestas; Pundienė, Ina; Pranckevičienė, Jolanta
2017Effect of Pozzolanic Additives on the Strength Development of High Performance ConcreteDembovska, Laura; Bajare, Diana; Pundienė, Ina; Vitola, Laura
2020Gypsum, Geopolymers, and Starch—Alternative Binders for Bio-Based Building Materials: A Review and Life-Cycle AssessmentBumanis, Girts; Vitola, Laura; Pundienė, Ina; Sinka, Maris; Bajare, Diana
2015Impact of hemp shives aggregate mineralization on physical–mechanical properties and structure of composite with cementitious binding materialBalčiūnas, Giedrius; Pundienė, Ina; Lekūnaitė, Lina; Vėjelis, Sigitas; Korjakins, Aleksandrs
2011Investigation of peculiarities in the hardening process of portland cements with active additives out of wasteŽvironaitė, Jadvyga; Pundienė, Ina; Antonovič, Valentin; Balkevičius, Valdas
2009Investigation of structure formation in complex binder materAntonovič, Valentin; Stonys, Rimvydas; Pundienė, Ina; Prosyčevas, Igoris; Fataraitė, Eglė
2009Investigation of structure formation in complex binder materAntonovič, Valentin; Stonys, Rimvydas; Pundienė, Ina; Prosyčevas, Igoris; Fataraitė, Eglė
2018Long-term curing impact on properties, mineral composition and microstructure of hemp shive-cement compositeBalčiūnas, Giedrius; Pundienė, Ina; Boris, Renata; Kairytė, Agnė; Žvironaitė, Jadvyga; Gargasas, Justinas
2010Modification of Petrochemical Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Waste Properties by Treatment in High TemperatureAntonovič, Valentin; Baltrėnas, Pranas; Aleknevičius, Marius; Pundienė, Ina; Stonys, Rimvydas
2007Properties of suspension and pastes of different types of microsilica with various deflocculantsPundienė, Ina; Stonys, Rimvydas; Goberis, Stasys; Antonovič, Valentin
2004Some aspects of influence of microsilica and admixtures on hydration kinetics of the alumina cement "Gorkal-40"Goberis, Stasys Algimantas; Pundienė, Ina
2010Studies on the Influence of Aluminosilicate Additive on Initiation Steps of High Calcium Aluminate Cement HydrationPacewska, Barbara; Wilińska, Iwona; Nowacka, Mariola; Pundienė, Ina; Aleknevičius, Marius
2012The effect of deflocculants on the structure and physical-mechanical properties of fireclay refractory castablesPundienė, Ina; Antonovič, Valentin; Stonys, Rimvydas; Aleknevičius, Marius; Demidova-Buizinienė, Irina; Gailius, Albinas
2018The effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the rheological properties and hydration process of cement pastesLeonavičius, Dainius; Pundienė, Ina; Girskas, Giedrius; Pranckevičienė, Jolanta; Kligys, Modestas; Kairytė, Agnė
2013The effect of plasticizing admixture on the physical and mechanical properties of concrete with limestone cementNagrockienė, Džigita; Gailius, Albinas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Pundienė, Ina; Girskas, Giedrius; Abasova, Anastasija
2008The effect of waste oil-cracking catalyst on the properties of MCC-type castableStonys, Rimvydas; Pundienė, Ina; Antonovič, Valentin; Goberis, Stasys Algimantas; Aleknevičius, Marius
2020The Impact of the Amount of Water Used in Activation Solution and the Initial Temperature of Paste on the Rheological Behaviour and Structural Evolution of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer PastesVitola, Laura; Pundienė, Ina; Pranckevičienė, Jolanta; Bajare, Diana
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19


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