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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of durability testing of concrete landscaping unitsGirskas, Giedrius; Nagrockienė, Džigita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2017Determining reactivity level of granite aggregate for concreteRutkauskas, Aurimas; Nagrockienė, Džigita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Barkauskas, Kęstutis
2016Durability of concrete containing synthetic zeolite from aluminum fluoride production waste as a supplementary cementitious materialGirskas, Giedrius; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Shakmenko, Genadijs; Korjakins, Aleksandrs
2010Finely ground quartz sand and plasticizing admixtures influence on rheological properties of portland cement pasteDaukšys, Mindaugas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Grinys, Audrius
2017Identification of reactivity level in aggregates from Lithuanian gravel quarryRutkauskas, Aurimas; Nagrockienė, Džigita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Kičaitė, Asta; Girskas, Giedrius
2017Influence of Aggregate Granulometry on Air Content in Concrete Mixture and Freezing - Thawing Resistance of ConcreteZarauskas, Laurynas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Girskas, Giedrius
2015Influence of biofuel combustion fly ash on the properties of concreteNagrockienė, Džigita; Daugėla, Aurelijus; Zarauskas, Laurynas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2016Influence of mineral additives on environmental resistance of concreteLebedeva, Ramunė; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Kičaitė, Asta
2018Investigation of dilatancy mechanism of Portland cement pasteDaukšys, Mindaugas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2013Microstructure changes in hardened cement paste after freezing – thawing cyclesSkripkiūnas, Gintautas; Nagrockienė, Džigita; Kerienė, Jadvyga; Janavičius, Eugenijus; Girskas, Giedrius; Špokauskas, Algimantas Alfonsas
2011Predicting frost resistance of concrete with different coarse aggregate concentration by porosity parametersNagrockienė, Džigita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Girskas, Giedrius
2017Properties of concrete modified with mineral additivesNagrockienė, Džigita; Girskas, Giedrius; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2020Rheological Properties and Flow Behaviour of Cement-Based Materials Modified by Carbon Nanotubes and Plasticising AdmixturesSkripkiūnas, Gintautas; Karpova, Ekaterina; Bendoraitienė, Joana
2012Statybinių dirbinių gamybos procesai ir įrangaNagrockienė, Džigita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2013The effect of plasticizing admixture on the physical and mechanical properties of concrete with limestone cementNagrockienė, Džigita; Gailius, Albinas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Pundienė, Ina; Girskas, Giedrius; Abasova, Anastasija
2017The effect of synthetic zeolite on hardened cement paste microstructure and freeze-thaw durability of concreteGirskas, Giedrius; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2016The influence of mullite wool waste on the properties of concrete and ceramicsMalaiškienė, Jurgita; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas; Vaičienė, Marija; Kizinievič, Olga
2016The mechanism of disintegration of cement concrete at high temperaturesJocius, Vytautas; Skripkiūnas, Gintautas
2014Variation of characteristics of vibropressed concrete pavement blocksSkripkiūnas, Gintautas; Girskas, Giedrius; Malaiškienė, Jurgita; Šemelis, Evaldas
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