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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analytical method for differential amplifier offset voltage analysisBaškys, Algirdas; Nickelson, Liudmila; Navickas, Romualdas
2011An analysis of the inverter overvoltage generated by the motorBaškys, Algirdas; Bleizgys, Vytautas; Lipinskis, Tadas
2019Application of Histogram-Based Outlier Scores to Detect Computer Network AnomaliesPaulauskas, Nerijus; Baškys, Algirdas
2018Application of local outlier factor algorithm to detect anomalies in computer networkAuškalnis, Juozas; Paulauskas, Nerijus; Baškys, Algirdas
2020Asymmetric Compensation of Reactive Power Using Thyristor-Controlled ReactorsŠapurov, Martynas; Bleizgys, Vytautas; Baškys, Algirdas; Dervinis, Aldas; Bielskis, Edvardas; Paulikas, Šarūnas; Paulauskas, Nerijus; Mačaitis, Vytautas
2012Controller for systems affected by the electromagnetic disturbancesBaškys, Algirdas
2020Controller for the Grid-Connected Microinverter Output Current TrackingBielskis, Edvardas; Baškys, Algirdas; Valiulis, Gediminas
2013Controller with the set point shift of domestic water supply control systemGobis, Vitoldas; Baškys, Algirdas; Zlosnikas, Valerijus; Meile, Eduardas; Platakis, Andrius
2006Galios koeficiento matuoklio impulsų formuotuvo paklaidos kompensavimo metodasZlosnikas, Valerijus; Baškys, Algirdas; Gobis, Vitoldas
2009The Impact of Output Voltage Modulation Strategies on Power Losses in InverterBaškys, Algirdas; Bleizgys, Vytautas; Gobis, V.
2016Impact of transformer design on flyback converter voltage spikesBielskis, Edvardas; Baškys, Algirdas; Šapurov, Martynas
2011Induction motor voltage amplitude control technique based on the motor efficiency observationBleizgys, Vytautas; Baškys, Algirdas; Lipinskis, Tadas
2018Influence of the piezoelectric ringing on the temperature of the beta barium borate crystalSinkevičius, Giedrius; Baškys, Algirdas; Paulauskas, Nerijus
2012Investigation of photovoltaic inverter power qualityPlatakis, Andrius; Bleizgys, Vytautas; Lučinskis, Audrius; Baškys, Algirdas
2019Investigation of Piezoelectric Ringing Frequency Response of Beta Barium Borate CrystalsSinkevičius, Giedrius; Baškys, Algirdas
2012MicrocontrollersBaškys, Algirdas
2012MikrovaldikliaiBaškys, Algirdas
2008Model for simulation of dynamic characteristics of the system frequency converter − AC induction motorRinkevičienė, Roma; Baškys, Algirdas; Petrovas, Andrius
2019Optical Dispersions of Bloch Surface Waves and Surface Plasmon Polaritons: Towards Advanced BiosensorsBalevičius, Zigmas; Baškys, Algirdas
2012Optical receiver for optical time domain reflectometerCharlamov, Jevgenij; Navickas, Romualdas; Baškys, Algirdas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas; Nickelson, Liudmila
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