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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analytical method for differential amplifier offset voltage analysisBaškys, Algirdas; Nickelson, Liudmila; Navickas, Romualdas
2013Anomalous phase and attenuation constants of SiC rod waveguide at higher temperaturesGric, Tatjana; Nickelson, Liudmila
2019Electric Field and Dispersion Characteristic Calculations of Glass Tube Waveguides Filled with Biological SubstancesPlonis, Darius; Bučinskas, Juozas; Pomarnacki, Raimondas; Miniotas, Darius; Paulikas, Šarūnas; Katkevičius, Andrius; Martavičius, Romanas; Nickelson, Liudmila
2009Electric field distributions of the fast and slow modes propagated in the open rod SiC waveguideNickelson, Liudmila; Gric, Tatjana; Ašmontas, Steponas; Martavičius, Romanas
2008Electrodynamical analyses of dielectric and metamaterial hollow-core cylindrical waveguidesNickelson, Liudmila; Gric, T.; Ašmontas, Steponas; Martavičius, Romanas
2011Electrodynamical investigation of the photonic waveguide structureGric, Tatjana; Nickelson, Liudmila
2010Hybrid mode dispersion characteristic dependences of cylindrical dipolar glass waveguides on temperaturesAšmontas, Steponas; Nickelson, Liudmila; Bubnelis, Artūras; Martavičius, Romanas; Skudutis, Julius
2006Įmagnetintų puslaidininkių ir feritinių bangolaidžių tyrimasAšmontas, Steponas; Nickelson, Liudmila; Mališauskas, Vacius
2021Method of Singular Integral Equations for Analysis of Strip Structures and Experimental ConfirmationNickelson, Liudmila; Pomarnacki, Raimondas; Sledevič, Tomyslav; Plonis, Darius
2019Microwave Analysis of Scattered and Absorbed Powers of Semiconductor and Metamaterial Cylinder StructuresBučinskas, Juozas; Pomarnacki, Raimondas; Plonis, Darius; Paulikas, Šarūnas; Tušinskis, Giedrius; Nickelson, Liudmila
2011Microwave diffraction dependencies of a conductor cylinder coated with twelve glass and semiconductor layers on the n-Si specific resistivityNickelson, Liudmila; Bučinskas, Juozas
2006Microwave pulse propagation inside a 3D heart modelNickelson, Liudmila; Ašmontas, Steponas; Martavičius, Romanas; Engelson, Vadim
2012Optical receiver for optical time domain reflectometerCharlamov, Jevgenij; Navickas, Romualdas; Baškys, Algirdas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas; Nickelson, Liudmila
2011The magnetoactive p-Ge rod waveguide loss analysis on the concentration of two component hole charge carriersNickelson, Liudmila; Bubnelis, Artūras; Baškys, Algirdas; Navickas, Romualdas
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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