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Title: Creation of the PI angle standard for the flat angle measurements
Authors: Giniotis, Vytautas
Rybokas, Mindaugas
Keywords: Angle standard
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd.
Citation: Giniotis, V.; Rybokas, M. 2010. Creation of the PI angle standard for the flat angle measurements, Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 13th IMEKO TC1-TC7 Joint Symposium London, UK, 1-3 September 2010 238: 1-6
Series/Report no.: Vol. 238;(2010)
Abstract: Angle measurements are based mainly on multiangle prisms - polygons with autocollimators, rotary encoders fo high accuracy and circular scales as the standards of the flat angle. Traceability of angle measurements is based on the standard of the plane angle - prism (polygon) calibrated at an appropriate accuracy. Some metrological institutions have established their special test benches (comparators) equipped with circular scales or rotary encoders of high accuracy and polygons with autocollimators for angle calibration purposes. Nevertheless, the standard (etalon) of plane angle - polygon has many restrictions for the transfer of angle unit - radian (rad) and other units of angle. It depends on the number of angles formed by the flat sides of the polygon that is restricted by technological and metrological difficulties related to the production and accuracy determination of the polygon. A possibility to create the standard of the angle equal to π rad or half the circle or the full angle is proposed. It can be created by the circular scale with the rotation axis of very high accuracy and two precision reading instruments, usually, photoelectric microscopes (PM), placed on the opposite sides of the circular scale using the special alignment steps. A great variety of angle units and values can be measured and its traceability ensured by applying the third PM on the scale. Calibration of the circular scale itself and other scale or rotary encoder as well is possible using the proposed method with an implementation of π rad as the primary standard angle. The method proposed enables to assure a traceability of angle measurements at every laboratory having appropriate environment and reading instruments of appropriate accuracy together with a rotary table with the rotation axis of high accuracy - rotation trajectory (runout) being in the range of 0.05 μ m. Short information about the multipurpose angle measurement test bench developed is presented.
ISSN: 1742-6588
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