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Title: Multi-Criteria Selection of the One Flat Dwelling House, Taking into Account the Construction Impact on Environment
Authors: Medineckienė, Milena
Turskis, Zenonas
Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras
Tamošaitienė, Jolanta
Keywords: construction
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas
Citation: Medineckienė, M.; Turskis, Z.; Zavadskas, E. K.; Zavadskas, J. 2010. Multi-criteria selection of the one flat dwelling house, taking into account the construction impact on environment, in The 10th International Conference “Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques”: Selected papers, Vol. 1. Ed. by P. Vainiūnas, E. K. Zavadskas, May 19–21, 2010, Lithuania. Vilnius: Technika, 455–460.
Abstract: The article describes a multi-criteria selection of the one flat dwelling house, taking into account the construction ecological aspects, their impact on environment and their economic and social condition. A problem of a global climate change is discussed, how construction industry determinate the CO2 emission to an atmosphere, how a construction material manufacturing impacts to an environment. The best alternative selection of the one flat dwelling house is presented. The first house is masonry, built from standard materials, the second is the blockhouse, made mostly of wood-based materials, and the third is built of wood frame, using a wood-based materials and mineral-based materials. The weights of criteria are determined by applying AHP method. The best alternative is selected by applying the SAW (Simple Additive Weight), COPRAS (COmplex PRoportion ASsessment), and MEW (Multiplicative Exponential Weighting) methods.
ISBN: 978-9955-28-593-9
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