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Title: Experimental Investigation on Biogas Production Using Hen Manure, Fruits and Vegetables
Authors: Baltrėnas, Pranas
Kvasauskas, Mindaugas
Yu. Waldberg, Arnold
Keywords: biogas
hen manure
fruits and vegetables
psychrophylic conditions
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas
Citation: Baltrėnas, P.; Kvasauskas, M.; Yu. Waldberg, A. 2008. Experimental investigation on biogas production using hen manure, fruits and vegetables, in The 7th International Conference “Environmental engineering”: Selected papers, Vol. 1. Ed. by D. Čygas, K. D. Froehner, May 22–23, 2008 Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius: Technika, 51–56.
Abstract: Experimental investigation on biogas production using hen manure, fruits and vegetables are analyzed in this paper. Mixes were prepared from mentioned organic waste: hen manure was mixed with fruits and vegetables in proportions 75:25, 50:50 and 25:75. Quality and quantity of biogas was researched in this work: quantity of produced biogas, concentration of methane, sulphur hydrogen and oxygen, variation of temperature and pH level through whole experiment time. There was measured that largest amount of produced biogas was 0.12 m3 through whole experiment time on psychrophylic conditions when mix of hen manure with fruits and vegetables in proportion 75:25 biodegraded. Concentration of methane using this mix also was the highest and average value reached 31%. Evaluating amount of produced biogas and methane concentration it was determined that the most efficient using of produced biogas from hen manure with fruits and vegetables mix proportion is 75:25.
ISBN: 978-9955-28-263-1
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