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Title: Simulation of the normal impact of randomly shaped quasi-spherical particles
Authors: Kačianauskas, Rimantas
Tumonis, Liudas
Džiugys, Algis
Keywords: DEM
Quasi-spherical particle
Randomly shaped surface
Multi-sphere model
Normal impact
Stochastic optimisation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Kačianauskas, R.; Tumonis, L.; Džiugys, A. 2014. Simulation of the normal impact of randomly shaped quasi-spherical particles, Granular matter 16(3): 339–347
Series/Report no.: 16;3
Abstract: The paper reports the modelling of randomly shaped partieles. An emphasis is placed on the illustration of random properties of particles, using simulations with a controlled probability distribution for the depth of the surface profile. The randornly-shaped quasi-spherical particles were described by applying a multi-sphere approximation and a statistical evaluation technique, and the surface of the partieles was approximated using randornly located overlapping subspheres. The concept of statistically similar particles, i.e., partieles characterised by having a similar probability distribution for the depth of the surface profile, was employed for these purposes, and an original method involving the application of a stochastic optimisation was developed. The optimization method was demonstrated by generating statistically similar particles. The contact behaviour was investigated by simulating a random particle impact against a wall, using the discrete element method. It was observed that statistically similar particles did not show statistically similar contact characteristies. The results of this study suggested that the refinement of the multi-sphere model (achieved by increasing the number of subspheres) was non-unique, not only in a deterministic context but also in statistical context, and that this subject requires further investigation.
ISSN: 1434-5021
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