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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20083-D modeling of nanostructures evolution in lateral etching processesNavickas, Romualdas
2011Analytical method for differential amplifier offset voltage analysisBaškys, Algirdas; Nickelson, Liudmila; Navickas, Romualdas
2014Design of 4.48–5.89 GHz LC-VCO in 65 nm RF CMOS TechnologyMačaitis, Vytautas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2013Design of a linear-in-dB power detector in 65nm CMOS technologyKiela, Karolis; Jurgo, Marijan; Navickas, Romualdas
2015Design of CMOS differential transimpedance amplifierCharlamov, Jevgenij; Navickas, Romualdas
2013Design of low noise 10 GHz divide by 16…511 frequency dividerJurgo, Marijan; Kiela, Karolis; Navickas, Romualdas
2017Dual mode 4th order active-RC low-pass filter with tunable cut-off frequency from 3 MHz to 20 MHz in 65 nm CMOSKiela, Karolis; Jurgo, Marijan; Navickas, Romualdas
2008Electron charge noise minimization, in 130 nm CMOS preamplifiersBarzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2005GaAs krūviui jautrių stiprintuvų skaičiavimas ir analizėNavickas, Romualdas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas
2007Leakage current compensation for the 0.13 µm CMOS charge sensitive preamplifierBarzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2012MicrotechnologiesBarzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2012Mikroschemų technologijų analizėNavickas, Romualdas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas
2012Optical receiver for optical time domain reflectometerCharlamov, Jevgenij; Navickas, Romualdas; Baškys, Algirdas; Barzdėnas, Vaidotas; Nickelson, Liudmila
2011Phase noise minimization in CMOS voltage controlled oscillatorsCharlamov, Jevgenij; Navickas, Romualdas; Baškys, Algirdas
2008Reverse engineering of CMOS integrated circuitsMasalskis, Giedrius; Navickas, Romualdas
2006Simulation of low-noise low-power CMOS readout front-end electronics for mammoand dentography.Barzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2008The 90 nm CMOS charge sensitive preamplifierBarzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2009The design aspects for ultra low-power, low-noise 90 nm CMOS charge sensitive amplifier for the active pixel detectorBarzdėnas, Vaidotas; Navickas, Romualdas
2011The fast differential amplifier-based integrated circuit yield analysis techniqueBaškys, Algirdas; Navickas, Romualdas; Šimkevičius, Česlovas,
2011The magnetoactive p-Ge rod waveguide loss analysis on the concentration of two component hole charge carriersNickelson, Liudmila; Bubnelis, Artūras; Baškys, Algirdas; Navickas, Romualdas
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21
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