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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of microelectrode arrays for dielectrophoresis using the finite element methodNovickij, Vitalij; Novickij, Jurij
2010Colossal magnetoresistance properties of La0.83Sr0.17MnO3 thin films grown by MOCVD on Lucalox substrateŽurauskienė, Nerija; Balevičius, Saulius; Cimmperman, Petras; Stankevič, Voitech; Keršulis, Skirmantas; Novickij, Jurij; Abrutis, Adulfas; Plaušinaitienė, Valentina
2014Compact electro-permeabilization system for control led treatment of biological cells and cell medium conductivity change measurementNovickij, Vitalij; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij; Tolvaišienė, Sonata; Markovskaja, Svetlana
2013Compact microsecond pulsed magnetic field generator for application in bioelectronicsNovickij, Vitalij; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij; Lučinskis, Audrius; Zapolskis, Povilas
2012Computer controlled thermostat for the resistivity measurements of the La1-xSrxMnO3 thin filmsStankevič, Tomaš; Stankevičius, Voitech; Pavilonis, Dainius; Žurauskienė, Nerija; Novickij, Jurij; Tolvaišienė, Sonata
2006Data processing of manganite sensors array for measurements of non-homogeneous pulsed magnetic fieldBartkevičius, Saulius; Novickij, Jurij; Stankevič, Voitech; Cimmperman, Petras
2017Design and optimization of pulsed magnetic field generator for cell magneto- permeabilizationNovickij, Vitalij; Grainys, Audrius; Staigvila, Gediminas; Tolvaišienė, Sonata; Ustinavičius, Tomas; Novickij, Jurij
2013Dislocation avalanches and strain bursts in the boards of electronic equipmentBogorosh, Alexander; Višniakov, Nikolaj; Novickij, Jurij; Bubulis, Algimantas; Roizman, V.
2012Experimental setup for magnetoresistance analysis of lanthanum manganites thin filmsNovickij, Vitalij; Stankevičius, Voitech; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij; Tolvaišienė, Sonata; Stankevič, Tomaš
2003Express measurements of electrical properties of semiconductors in a pulsed magnetic fieldLaurinavičius, Laimis; Novickij, Jurij; Jankauskas, Zigmantas,
2017Feasibility of parylene coating for planar electroporation copper electrodesNovickij, Vitalij; Tabašnikov, Aleksandr; Smith, Stewart; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij; Tolvaišienė, Sonata; Markovskaja, Svetlana
2006Featured measurements of mechanical properties of electrotechnical materials for pulsed magnetsVišniakov, Nikolaj; Novickij, Jurij; Zaveckas, Valentinas; Kačianauskas, Rimantas
2004Finite element analysis of thermal fields in the pulsed power magnetic field generatorŠnirpūnas, Vincas; Stupak, Eugeniuš; Kačianauskas, Rimantas; Kačeniauskas, Arnas; Novickij, Jurij
2013Finite element method analysis of microfluidic channel with integrated dielectrophoresis electrodes for biological cell permeabilization and manipulationNovickij, Vitalij; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij
2009Geometry optimization of pulsed inductorsBartkevičius, Saulius; Višniakov, Nikolaj; Novickij, Jurij
2005High pulsed magnetic field sensor based on La-Ca-Mn-O thin polycrystalline filmsBalevičius, Saulius; Žurauskienė, Nerija; Stankevič, Voitech; Keršulis, Skirmantas; Novickij, Jurij; Altgilbers, Larry Lee; Clarke, F.
2004Inductors for high magnetic field generationNovickij, Jurij; Kačianauskas, Rimantas; Filipavičius, Viktoras; Balevičius, Saulius; Žurauskienė, Nerija; Tolutis, Rimantas
2011Investigation of microcoils for high magnetic field generationGrainys, Audrius; Novickij, Jurij
2015Low-cost experimental facility for evaluation of the effect of dynamic mechanical loads on photovoltaic modulesVišniakov, Nikolaj; Kilikevičius, Artūras; Novickij, Jurij; Grainys, Audrius; Novickij, Vitalij
2006Manganite sensor for measurements of magnetic field disturbances of pulsed actuatorsNovickij, Jurij; Stankevič, V.; Balevičius, Saulius; Žurauskienė, Nerija; Cimmperman, Petras; Kačianauskas, Rimantas; Stupak, Eugeniuš; Kačeniauskas, Arnas; Löffler, M. J.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 37
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